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Off-Campus Study Opportunities - Important Steps


Interested in studying off-campus?

Students who engage in off-campus study often develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of themselves and the world around them. This translates into gaining perspective which makes them valuable members of any community (in college, as professionals, in church and in society).

Complete the following steps:

Start no later than September for a Spring Semester Program & February for a Fall Semester Program

1. Talk to your advisor about your interest in studying off-campus.

2. Explore options in pre-approved off-campus study programs:

  • Through the CCCU - Information available at
    • Through Go. ED. Study Abroad Program - Information available at

      3. Apply directly with the program of choice for admittance.

      No later than October 1 for a Spring Semester Program & March 1 for a Fall Semester Program

      4. Check into outside scholarships and grants with funding available for off-campus study.

      5. Complete the off-campus study packet (available in La Casa Cultural)

      The off-campus study packet includes the following items:

      • Off-campus Study Intention Form
      • Medical Insurance Form (and a copy of both sides of your Medical Insurance Card)
      • Emergency Contact Form
      • Assumption of Risk and Release Form
      • Intent to Travel Abroad Form

      6. Register in the Records Office for your off-campus study program

      Note: You will not be allowed to register until you have submitted all items listed in #4 above.


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