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Off-Campus Study Opportunities - FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What is the cost to attend an off-campus study program?

A. The cost varies depending on the program and its location. Students will be charged the greater of GC's tuition, room and board or the program's tuition, room, board and fees.

Q. How soon will I need to apply for a passport or student visa?

A. Typically, it takes 4-6 weeks for a passport application to be processed but we recommend that students who do not have passports apply for a passport at least 2 months before departure. For more details and application forms, visit the U.S. Passports & International Travel website.

Depending on the location and duration of an off-campus program, students may also be required to apply for a visa. For programs and countries requiring a visa, you will need one to enter and exit your destination country. To learn more about visas, visit the Bureau of Consular Affairs website for more information.

Q. When would I know if I have been accepted into the program? 

A. Each program has its own deadlines. Follow the specific deadline dates of the particular program for which you are applying. 

Q. What if I want to study with a non-pre-approved program? 

A. Attending other programs is possible, but will require more research and drive on your part. Talk with your advisor and the Provost about your interest and follow the steps listed on the Important Steps page. A consortium agreement may be required (available at the GC Financial Aid Office). You may need to withdraw from Greenville for the semester you attend a non-approved program and readmit with the Admissions Office for the semester you return to GC.

Q. Would my financial aid cover the cost of attending an off-campus study program?

A. You may receive all the state and federal aid for which you qualify. However, institutional aid (scholarships specifically given to you by Greenville College) cannot be used for non-Greenville College off-campus study program. Talk with the Director of Financial Aid about financial aid possibilities for off-campus study.

Your enrollment in an off-campus program of study that is approved for credit by Greenville College (the "home" institution) may be considered enrollment at the home institution for the purpose of applying for assistance under the Federal Student Aid programs. In such cases, a Consortium Agreement would be required. See the Financial Aid Office for more details.

Q. What if I change my mind about where to study? 

A. Talk with your advisor and then (depending on where you are in the process) notify the Director of World Outreach & Missions, the Records Office and the Financial Aid Office about the change. If you choose not to study off campus, be sure to register for on-campus courses. 

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