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Campus Resources - Breakfast Buffet


Start the day with a hearty buffet:
(Minimum of 25 guests)

Early Bird Breakfast Buffet

Your choice of two of the following entrées: Bacon, Ham, Sausage Patties, and Sausage Links. A choice of potato: Fried Potatoes, Hash Browns, or Lyonnaise Potatoes. A choice of French Style Waffles with Syrup, French Toast with Syrup, or Waffles with Syrup. Hot Biscuit, Scrambled Eggs, Ice Water, Coffee, Milk and Orange or Apple Juice.

Sunrise Breakfast Buffet

Enjoy a choice of Bacon, Ham, Sausage Links, and Sausage Patties. A choice of Fried Potatoes, Hash Browns, and Lyonnaise Potatoes. A choice of Scrambled Eggs, French Style Waffle with Syrup, French Toast with Syrup and Waffles with Syrup, Biscuits and Gravy, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Chilled Orange Juice and Ice Water.