The President's Report 2012 - World Outreach and Missions


Recognizing donors to World Outreach and Missions during the period of July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

Eric and Elizabeth Ahern
Gladys Alburtis
Sheryl Allhands
Paul and Joyce Anders
Erika Anderson
Gary Anderson
O.T. and Carole Anderson
James and Lydia Anderson
Lindsey Angel
Kevin and Jeanette Applegate
Albert and Marilee Bacchi
Eugene and Bronwyn Baker
Irwin and Marsha Bales
Vincent and Melanie Barbera
Brian Barker
Glynis Barker
Jack and Lorainne Barr
Marilyn Barrett
Mary Jean Barrett
Thomas and Tamara Basile
Robert and Sandra Bates
Paul and Cynthia Battaglia
Danny and Julie Beasley
Mark and Kathy Beatty
Dwayne and Lesa Beaty
James and Doris Beaty
Thomas and Michelle Beblar
Steve and Juanita Benner
Nick and Pam Bergmann
Ronald and Joy Bestervelt
Don and Alta Betoche
Larry Billingsley
Kent and Stephanie Bjurstrom
Jamie and Carla Blakley
John Bolinski
Richard and Arlene Bonifas
Thomas and Patricia Bonifas
Joey Bonta
Deanna Boosinger
Deanna Bott
David and Derri Bowers
Shawn and Karen Boyd
Mollie Brant
Mark and Donna Brauss
Susan Brett
Nathan and Kristen Brewer
Thomas and Pamela Brey
Randall and Gayle Brickert
William and Patricia Brink
Lloyd and Jeanne Brown
Greg and Helen Browning
Kristen Brunacci
John and Brenda Bruntjen
Janice Bryant
Gerard Budzynski
Hervin Buhr
Wilbert and Marie Buhr
Kelli Burdsall
Ted and Karen Burleson
Dan and Andrea Burns
William Burnside
Tim and Kristyn Caldwell
Arthur and Patricia Capp
Dominick and Suzanne Carnevali
Curtis and Angela Carter
Donald and Stacey Carter
James and Janette Carter
Jay and Dana Carter
Sean and Natalie Cavanaugh
George Chappel
Robert and Pamela Chase
Katherine Chrzan
Sam and Alysha Collins
Melvin and Nancy Cook
Maryann Corbaci
David and G Cozby
Dairl and Rebecca Crabtree
William and Fran Crabtree
Tamara Craig Schilling
Philip and Trula Cramer
Mark and Vicki Crawford
Mark and Mary Cryderman
Patricia Culhane
Joe and Caryl Culumber
Gary and Lynn Cunningham
Helen Cunningham
Dan and Susan Curry
Stanley and Tina Dace
Robert and Barbara De Somer
Jack Dell
Billy Dempsey
George and Lenora Devan
David and Marcia Devries
Vernon and Pauline Devries
Robin Dinardo
Bill and Shirley Donnell
Denny and Martha Donnell
Daniel Doolin
Brian and Laura Dossett
Delbert and Linda Dotson
Lee and Bonnie Dotson
Gene and Jennifer Dunkley
Patricia Dutton
Richard and Cheryl Dwyer
Douglas and Julie Earl
Richard and Karel Earl
Jeffery and Julie Eason
Scott and Julie Eaton
Pamela Edwards
Robert Ehrich
Veronica Elmy
David and Lacey Enyeart
Ruth Erdel
Don and Debi Ethredge
Walter and Eileen Fenton
Tim and Annie Ferret
Kyle and Carol Finley
Dave and Bonnie Fisher
Michael Fisher
G.L. and Lynette Fleming
Madeline Folden
Steven and Becky Ford
David and Amy Fortner
Craig and Carol Franklin
Jerry and Danita Frederking
Annetta Freese
Ryan and Erika Friederichs
James and Sharon Fries
Lewis and Dina Frye
C. W. and Edie Gaffner
Jamie and Scott Gaffner
Jerry and Sherri Gaffner
John and Judith Gantner
Karen Garrett
Glen and Lola Garrison
Michael and Monica Garuer
Robert and Christina Geisler
Anthony Gilando
Irene Gilando
David and Rejeana Gilleland
Dwayne and Jodi Gilliland
Stephen and Marianna Glover
Bradley and Jeanne Goacher
Michael Goin
Greg and Janet Goldsboro
Richard and Marrianne Golike
Don and Sandy Good
Joel and Jessica Goodman
Dorothy Goodner
Keith Goodner
Terry and Catharine Goodner
Theodore and Vickie Goodner
David and Shelly Goodnight
William Goodwine
Darrell and Marla Graham
Steve and Sandra Graham
Pamela Graver
William and Cathy Gray
Clark and Ruth Green
Hoyt and Linda Griffin
Sharon Grimes
Greg and Sue Groves
Dean and Paula Guier
Joel and Kristen Guthrie
Bradley and Nancy Hall
Tracy Hall
Karen Halsey
Gary and Carol Hammes
Stephen Hampsch
William and Helen Hanson
Jamie Harling
Larry and Kimberly Harper
Stephen and Marci Harrel
Clarence and Pagette Harris
James and Shirley Harris
Lois Hartman
Ron and Jan Harvey
Ruben and Alice Heeszel
Ricky and Kathy Heller
Chris Henneberry
Dorothy Henneberry
Hans and Susan Henseler
Alisha Henson
Anna Herrera
W.B. and Debbie Hocott
Paula Hoff
Colette Hohimer
William Hollis
Jim Holly
Shannon Holly
David and Donna Holm
Jerry and Debbie Hood
Allan and Pamela Hopper
Dan Houpt
Agnes Huber
Frances Huber
Stan and Cindy Huber
Judith Hull
Edwin and Patrice Humphrey
Betty Ihnen
Darrell and Martha Iler
Emily Iler
Timothy Ippel
Donald and Valerie Jarrett
Eric and Lindsey Johnson
Harry Johnson
Karlene Johnson
Terry Jones
Gladys Joslin
David Justice
Alex Kapper
Gregg and Stephanie Kaput
Jonathan Keller
Tad and Nancy Kerr
Aaron and Katie Ketchum
Robert Kierlin
David and Jeaneen Klahr
Richard and Nancy Konneker
Robert and Leona Koppleberger
Virginia Koppleberger
George and Mary Korte
Veronica Kovach
Zachary and Melissa Krato
Donald Krick
Chris and Lisa Kuhl
Daniel and Sherry Kuhlig
Jessica Kumar
Amanda Kuntz
Gladys Kuntz
Brad Shaw and Georgann Kurtz-Shaw
Douglas and Kristine LaBelle
L. Lacovic
Leonard and Doris Landis
Gaylen and Billie Sue Langdoc
Robert and Margaret Langel
Lisa Langham
Doris Langley
John and Kirsten Langley
Sharon Lazoen
Joyce Lee
Gregory and Janet Leigh
Joseph and Susan Lentini
Theresa Lindell
Timothy and Sandra Linderman
Scott Lodge
Jerry and Jennifer Longstreth
Frank and Joanne Lorusso
Larry and Mary Lowe
James and Sue Luthe
Daryl and Nancy Lynn
Eric and Rebecca Lynn
William and Beverly Madden
Bruce and Linda Mager
Larry and Donna Mahan
Edna Martin
Melissa Martin
David Maurer
Richard and Judith Maurer
Rachel McBride
Mark and Kristy McClurken
Elizabeth McGlasson
Donald and Amy McIntosh
Scott McKinley
Ed and Judy McMillan
Donald and Linda McRoy
Ronald and Lisa Menghini
Mary Meyers
John and Sherry Michel
Larry and Pam Miles
Colette Miller
Kay Miller
John and Pam Minshall
Steve and Kathy Misewicz
James Monroe
Lindell Moore
Richard and Janet Moore
Richard and Rayleen Morgan
Charles and Carla Morris
Jerry and Mindy Morrison
Keith and Judy Nagy
Van and Carol Naylor
Mary Neketuk
Breck and Jane Nelson
Donald and Mary Anne Nelson
Dale and Carol Neudecker
Michael and Connie Ohl
Susan O'Neill
Henry and Martha Oplinger
Jennifer Oplinger
Kevin and Jocelyn Ord
Clifford and Ethel Orr
Raymond and Susan Owens
Norbert and Faye Parr
Philbert and Shirley Parr
Gregory and Brenda Parrott
Julie Parrott
Michael Patenaude
Craig and Kathleen Patient
Brian and Heather Patton
Whitey Patton
Larry and Susan Pearce
Susan Pensinger
Jeffery and Shiow-Yuh Perry
Linda and George Peters
Laurel Petersen
Gordon and Debra Peterson
Scott and Tamara Peterson
David and Leslie Phelps
Priscilla Phelps
Joseph and Mary Pianfetti
Brian and Tina Pieplow
Gene and Betty Pieplow
Wayne Pierce
Joe and Janice Plemon
Richard and Frances Ploessl
Jane Ponder
Mary Lou and Howard Portell
Gary and Louann Prough
Kenneth and Darla Rasmussen
Reggie Rasner
Richard and Debra Rauh
Glenn and Tammy Ravens
Lonnie and Kathy Reid
R.F. Renolds
Laurence and Linda Reynolds
Doug and Pam Richter
L. Ridenour
Phoebe Ridenour
Bryan and Diane Ridge
Robert and Kelly Rinella
William and Virginia Robertson
Andrew and Joy Rode
Robert and Nicki Rosenbaum
Vernal Roush
Curtis and Evelyn Rowden
Richard and Lynn Rudy
Ardith Russell
Kevin and Melissa Ryan
John and Jennifer Sanford
Gerald and Darlene Sappenfield
Larry and Cindy Sayler
Maxine Schenk
Viki Scherer
Cornelia Schilling
Ruth Schlosser
Dan and Tammy Schmidt
Robert Schneden
Keith and Vicki Schryver
Eileen Schurr
Thomas and Karen Schuster
William and Belinda Sevy
Alex and Kim Shannon
D and Rose Mary Shannon
Dan Shannon
Deborah Shannon
Mary Shannon
Matthew and Della Sharp
Brent and Lolly Shaw
Gary and Susan Shaw
Kevin and Jennifer Sheridan
Deloris and Don Sheriff
Darrell and Karen Shewcraft
Virginia Shipe
Patricia Shoemaker
Donald and Sally Shreffler
Grant and Barbara Sisson
Richard Slepicka
Denise Slonac
Jim and Cheryl Slone
Bob 'Ish' and Joanna Smith
Cary and Kristi Smith
Margaret Smith
Todd and Leanne Smith
Jeremy and Rhea Sneddon
Frank and Carla Snyder
Mark and Fallon Sparks
John and Shannon Spence
Evalyn Spinder
Gary and Janet Stachula
Roger and Nancy Staff
Raymond and Julie Standerwick
Andrew Stanko
Michael and Florence Stanley
Paul and Jamie Stanzione
Craig Stevens
Grant and Lindsey Stewart
Earl and Lora Stocker
David Stuva
Timothy and Julie Swan
Barbara Swanson
Marolyn Tabor
Matthew and Nancy Tague
Michail and Stacey Talbott
John and Jessica Tarr
Alyce Taucher
Mary Taylor
Scott and Violet Taylor
Austin and Kaity Teer
Jack and Bonnie Thatcher
Charles and Patricia Theivagt
Matthew Thierheimer
Mark and Sheila Thomas
William and Terri Thomas
Marland and Barbara Throgmorton
Jack and Pat Trager
Clifford Trexler
Lynnq Turnbull
Bradley and Stacy Turner
Tami Ury
Lonnie and Beverly Vatole
Dianna Vickers
James and Melissa Villalobos
Kay Villarreal
Jeff and Kim Vinyard
Karl and Colene Vonberg
Iola Voyles
John and Penny Wait
Ordell and Elizabeth Walker
Jim and Audrey Walter
Gary and Mary Jo Ward
Marvin and Teresa Warner
Bradley and Luan Warren
Melanie Weaver
Penny Weaver
Wayne and Rebecca Wedekind
Rodney and Mary Wedel
Herschel and Mary Weems
Raymond and Darlene Weems
Mark and Michelle Wegman
Byron and Carolyn Weigler
Gregory and Charis Weigler
Eileen Weller
Ronald and Janet West
Pamlea White
Eileen Widmer
John and Joanne Williams
Bill and Lisa Wilson
John Wilson
Earl and Vicki Winston
Ann Wolken
Edward and Kelly Wood
James and Debra Wood
Jeffrey and Karen Wood
Ronald Wright
Brent Wykert
Philip and Marian Yakey
Glen Yarger
Jay and Mary Young
Jim and Jo Ann Younker
Paul Ziebart
Mavon Zubrod

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