2016 President's Report - World Outreach and Missions


World Outreach and Missions

Recognizing donors to World Outreach and Missions during the period of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. Interested in learning more about World Outreach and Missions? Click here.


Robert and Angela Ackerson

Bob and Sheila Adair

June Aherns

Doug and Lori Ahlers

Matthew and Cindy Akihiro

Mary Akins Jackson

Kenneth and Patricia Allen

Modesta Alt

Craig and Linda Anderson

Shawn '99 and Kristy Andrews

Ernest and Chrissy Baker

Donald and Kate Balasa

Janice Barnes

Daniel Barrington

Carl and Carole Baumer

Shirley Baumgarte

Linda Baumgerte

Gladys Baxa

Patrick Baxa

Raymond and Jane Baxa

Timothy Baxa

Dennis and Wanda Becker

Larry and Dawn Becker

James and Catherine Benson

Kathleen Berns

Steve and Patti Beverlin

Scot and Teri Biernat

Carolyn Bilinski

Bill and Pam Bird

Will and Michelle Bird

William and Dawn Bird

James and Patricia Bishop

Timothy and Kristina Bobell

Robert and Diana Bodley

David and Denise Boente

Mark and Kimberly Boente

Joan Bollman

Jeffrey and Vicki Boone

Marilyn Borger

Nicole Bradford

Virginia Brannon

Loanna Bricker

Eric and Klaudine Brickman

Daniel and Karen Brown

Jeffrey and Debra Brown

Norma Bullock

Beth Ann and Daniel Burg

Terry and Tracy Calvert

Douglas and Gina Campbell

Bradley and Peggy Carter

Reed and Donna Castele

Gerald and Jacqueline Catton

Cyndi Cisneros

Harriet Cisneros

Wendy Clancy

Steven and Sue Claus

Paul '76 and Jackie (Eyman '76) Clay

Deborah Cooley

Kelly and Rene' Cope

Roger Corrigan

Quinlin and Lynn Crawford

Earl and Johanna Crecelius

Kathleen Curtin

Jaron '06 Davis and Rachel (Heston '06) Heston-Davis

Thomas Densmore

Gregory and Sandra Dickens

Norma Dickmann

Mark and Rose Diekevers

Curt and Cynthia Diemer

Terry and Becky Diesselhorst

Lyndon Dittus

Dana Dmochowski

Tracie Donaldson

Robert and Lisa Dowson

Michael and Jennifer Dudek

Mike Dumsdorf

Don Eaker

Mark and Joyce Eaton

Peggy Emery

Brian and Christine Ernst

Darrell and Paulette Evans

Ronald and Louise Evans

George and Susan Ewing

Sharon Fagan

Ronald and Julie Fandel

David Farris

Sherry Favre

Kenneth and Jeanenne Ferrie

Dale and Susan Fiedler

David and Brenda Fields

Fred File '85

William '72 and Karen (Robinson '87) File

Patrick and Danielle Flanagan

Duane and Karen Forcade

Alan and Mallika Freeman

Brian Fritz

Bruce Fritz

Scott and Mary Fuller

Robert and Carol Funk

Jerry and Sherri Gaffner

Walter and Janet Gibson

Kaye Goff

Dorothy Graham

Gary and Diane Grebner

Tom and Lisa Grommet

Vernon and Betty Gundermann

Melisa Hadinger

Sandi Haege

Lawana Hagston

Dennis and Marjorie Hahn

Stephen '99 and Linda Hampsch

Greg and Dionne Haney

Gregory and Sherry Harlan

Travis and Connie Harrison

Rebekah Heather

C. and V. Helms

Jim and Michelle Hemberger

Lori Hempen

Staci Hengst

Frances Henkhaus

Carrie Hepburn

Monisue (Walker '87) and Aaron Hess

Stanley and Cathy Hess

James Hobble

Judith Hoefflin

Donald and Viviane Hosto

James and Debra Houch

Vernon and Sarah House

Neal and Tina Huddleston

Stephen and Sharon Hudzinski

Brett and Melissa Hunley

Paul and Nicole Hunley

Tom and Lynn Hunley

David and Kimberly Hurley

Elizabeth Jackson

Bruce James

Jason and Kimberly James

Christine Jelinek

Larry Johnson

Leonard and Kathy Johnson

Stephen and Lori Johnson

Brian and Donna Jones

Scott Kains

James and Lori Kaiser

Alan and Cindy Kapp

William Karhliker

Kathy Keay

Wayne and Denise Kelch

Karen Keller

Russell and Julie Kern

Karla Kies

Myron and Mary Kilman

Geneva Kirby

Kerry Klouse

Marissa Kneer

Noah Kneer '18

George and Melissa Knight

Edward and Margie Knirlberger

Daniel and Nancy Knost

Glen Knudsen

Myron Koehn

Brad and Tina Kough

Brian and Karen Kowert

Dale and Debra Kreienkamp

David and Anita Kreienkamp

John and Carolyn LaChance

Kirk and Melody Langham

Ralph and Carol Larson

Harvey and Linda Lebegue

Ronald and Linda Lewandowski

Brian Lewis

Dallas and Virginia Lugge

Ed Madaus

Jeff Marsaglia

Jacob and Brandi Maxedon

Thomas and Marcie McCarty

James and Connie McCaslin

Ken and Jaime McLaughlin

Russell and Cynthia Mefford

Robert and Mary Lou Meis

Laura Mentgen

John and Jacqueline Metzger

Rod Meyer

Darrin and Carrie Miller

Mike and Sharol Minger

Clint and Marissa Mitchell

Roger and Patricia Mitchell

Mark and Dolores Mobley

Edwin and Diana Moore

Stanley and Charlotte Morris

Leonard and Rita Mouser

Lloyd and Sandra Mueller

Brenda Mullen

Misty Nabors

Margaret Nahass

Kevin and Laura Naugle

Randy Neff

Brian and Pamela Neu

Jason and Stacy Newell

Erica Nicolet

Quinton and Shannon Oakes

Doris Obernagel

John and Nancy O'Reilly

Maria Ovalle

William and Janet Overton

Vincent and Judith Pachta

Glenn and Dorles Paden

John and Patricia Paden

Scott and Stephanie Paden

S. M. Palodichuk

Steven and Teresa Parks

Herschel and Elaine Parrish

TJ and Bev Patrick

Gregory '87 and Dawn Pennington

Luz Perez

Mark and Barbara Peterson

Gary and Donna Phillips

Robert and Kimberly Phillips

Shirley Potthast

Brian and Susan Praechter

Judith Prather

Tim and Elaine Prenger

Carl and Amy Puzey

Larry and Donna Rabe

Donald and Susan Rabor

Tom and Annette Raetz

Richard Rankin

Carole Reh

Randy Reitz

Larry Rhutasel

Greg and Lisa Richardson

Rhonda Ries

John and Julie Rosenbaum

Charles and Debra Ross

Dean Salvatore

Mark and Cindy Sandler

Melanie Schaafsma

Ashley Schisler

Linda Schneider

James and Marcia Scholl

Lora Scott

Richard Scott

Ryan Scott

Sandra Sewing

Linda Shaffer

Jo Ann Sherrill

Ryan and Marci Shoff

Gene and Diane Shurtz

Todd and Mary Siebert

David and Ellen Simpson

Donald Skadow

Ethel Skaer

Scott Skerston

David and Diane Slater

Dawn Smith

Carisa Stark

Kip Starnes

Tina Steil

Katherine Stephens

Jeffrey and Danette Stewart

Michael and Sonya Streeter

Wilbert and Mariwyn Streeter

Brian and Dawn Stumpf

Kenneth and Carol Stumpf

Larry and Becky Suess

Karen Swain

Lauren Taylor

Holly Thiems

Norma Thompson

Kristoffer and Patricia Tumilowicz

Martha Vallbracht

James and Deborah Vaninger

Michael and Debra Vansistine

Bryan and Ruth Vogel

Daniel and Elizabeth Volk

Stephen and Nancy Voudrie

Daniel and Lisa Vrbin

Dennis and Pamela Walk

Roger and Sandra Walker

Mary Wandling

Eric and Erica Weaver

Betty Weber

Michael Weber

Wayne and Rebecca Wedekind

Carol Westman

Norman and Nancy Wetterau

Thomas and Geraldine White

Ron and Cathy Wilken

James and Sandra Williams

Michael Williams

Tana Williams

Joshua and Jaime Wolford

Harold Wolters

Troy Woodley

Robert and Brittany Wrigley

Tim and Heidi Wrigley

George and Diane Yaunches

Benjamin Yergler

Carol Young

Damian and Nichole Zimmerman


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