2015 President's Report


Expanding Our Reach - 2015 President's Report Just Released

Formal announcement of a degree program in agribusiness had not yet materialized before students came knocking on Suzanne Davis’s door to learn more. The dean of the Briner School of Business wasn't entirely surprised; her recent conversations with agribusiness leaders like The Maschoffs, Rural King and Rabo AgriFinance confirmed GC as a good fit for the field, just like . . .Cover image - President's Report 2015

  • GC’s close proximity to nursing schools makes it a good candidate for partnerships that couple the “GC experience” with a bachelor of science in nursing; and
  • its emphasis on broad learning makes it a good fit for integrated studies in media practices; and
  • its integration of business management with studies in engineering makes it a valuable resource for a bachelor’s degree in engineering management.

Newly released, the President’s Report Edition of The RECORD highlights new programs that widen Greenville College’s circles of influence and expand its reach.

It also serves as a report of annual giving for 2015 and closely links the generosity of the College’s “financial champions” with scholarships that fuel current students’ studies. Many of these scholarships remain unfunded until generous alumni and friends of the College give. When needs exceed gifts, the College leans heavily on the sacrificial service of faculty and staff, and dips into its operating budget to cover the scholarships.

“A dollar given to Greenville College goes further than a dollar given any place else,” acknowledges President Ivan Filby in the report’s introduction. As Greenville College presses well into the second year of a strategic plan that guides its journey toward university status, he reminds constituents that the college community continues “to seek God’s favor over the expanded reach that plan inspires.” Click here to be a GC Financial Champion.

Click here to view the 2015 President's Report Edition of The RECORD, or scroll down to learn more about GC's expanded reach and GC Financial Champions.

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