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Organizational Leadership, B.S. - Courses


Term One

OL 301 Dynamics of Group Behavior

Students examine group behavior and how group functioning affects organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on the principles of group dynamics, problem solving and decision making, and the diagnosis and resolution of conflict.

OL 303 Introduction to Research Methodology

Students learn the purpose and value of research as a problem-solving tool in organizations. Approaches for identifying, analyzing, and studying organizational problems are emphasized as students select and analyze appropriate organizational problems for their applied research projects.

OL 313 Organizational Behavior

Students learn how individuals and organizations function as complex systems and gain the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to understand and diagnose the various factors affecting organizational performance.

OL 314 Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Students will discover the influence of psychology in the theories and practices related to human behavior in the workplace. Topics include job analysis, employee selection, design and evaluation of training, employee motivation and satisfaction, and evaluation of performance.

Term Two

OL 305 Managing Interpersonal Communication

Students assess and improve their communication skills in order to be more productive in various organizational settings. Key concepts include conflict management, constructive feedback, active listening, power, mentoring, and dysfunctional communication.

OL 306 World View: Faith and Vocation

Students gain understanding of the integration of the Christian world view in contemporary life and work.

OL 307 Introduction to Data Analysis

In this course students explore how data analysis is applied to the research of behavior. Basic methods of summarizing, analyzing, and presenting research data are explained. Statistical concepts such as probability, correlation, analysis of variance, distribution, and hypothesis testing are explored.  Students will gain experience with using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

OL 401 Independent Study: Applied Research Project, Part I

Students describe the purpose, setting, history, scope, and importance of their applied research topics.

OL 402 Independent Study: Applied Research Project, Part II

Students will write a review of the literature using primary sources of information in the social sciences.

Term Three

OL 308 Organizational Communication

Students refine both written and oral presentation skills. Presenting ideas, reports, and proposals clearly and concisely are the primary goals of this course.

OL 309 Principles of Leadership

Students will examine models of leadership, focusing on the importance of strategic thinking, managing change, and assessment of leadership behaviors and managerial style so as to develop a personal growth plan for improving leadership performance.

OL 310 Cultural Influences in the Workplace

Students consider the relationships between culture and the world of work. They discover how the environment, especially the workplace, has been shaped by the value and life experiences of various ethnic and racial groups.

OL 311 Values and Ethical Decision-Making

Students discuss ethical theory and social and personal values as they relate to contemporary life Principles of ethical decision-making from an orthodox Christian perspective will also be addressed.

OL 403 Independent Study: Applied Research Project, Part III

Students report their research results, draw conclusions, and make recommendations for organizational change. Includes formal presentation of their final Applied Research Project.

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