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Music Business Major



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Degree Plans

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Below are some of the courses offered for the Music Business Major.

Courses Credits  
MUTH 100 Music Theory Fundamentals 3 Info

This course is a study of music for students with no previous experience reading music. Foundational concepts of notation, pitch, rhythm, melodic, and harmonic organization, scales, intervals, and musical terms will be covered.

ACCT 101 Financial Accounting I 3 Info

Nature and purpose of accounting; basic accounting concepts and procedures, double entry bookkeeping, methods of processing, summarizing and classifying financial data; balance sheets and income statements.

MGT 101 Introduction to Business 3 Info

A survey of business intended to give the student a general knowledge of the modern business world, provide a basis for choosing a field of specialization, and acquaint him or her with numerous business areas.

DM 120 Introduction to Digital Media 3 Info

This course explores digital media as an experimental cultural practice, with an emphasis on critical approaches to art and technology. Experiments in digital imaging, digital audio, digital video, and multi-media authoring will be conducted. Students will produce independent digital media production projects, individually and in groups. Course meetings include seminar-style discussion of reading and other materials, critiques of student work, tech workshops, production studios (session in which we brainstorm, research ideas, and work on projects), and screenings.

MUSB 125 Survey of Music in the Media Industry 3 Info
No Description Available.
MUSG 176/376 Rock Music History 2 Info

Students are exposed to various contemporary popular styles of music through extensive listening and analysis. Important musical characteristics are identified to help the student define the exact nature of each style.

MUSB 200 Principles and Practices in Music Business 3 Info

This course allows students the opportunity to investigate and study the foundational functions of the current music industry. Throughout the semester, students will study how music companies are affected by current structure, cultural and environmental issues affecting the industry. Through interactive examination, experimentation, and real time assessment, students will be able to test various specializations of his/her choosing and participate in mastering industry standard skills and knowledge.

MGT 222 Business Law 3 Info

A study of contracts, torts, agency, bailments, and property with emphasis on the social forces that have and will affect our legal rights and duties.

MUSB 225 Music Publishing and Copyright Law 3 Info

Explore the day-to-day operations of a publishing company, its departments, and the financial and contractual relationships between a publisher and a songwriter. The second half of the course is an examination of the essential provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act and the protection of intellectual property.

MUSG 226 Survey of Audio Engineering and Production 2 Info

This course provides a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of studio recording and sound reinforcement. Cross listed with COM/DM 126.

MUSG 227 Studio Production 2 Info

This course continues the study of theory and practice of studio recording, and includes Digidesign® Pro Tools 101 Certification. The course is "hands-on," offering substantial studio time for individual recording projects. Cross listed with DM 227.

MUSB 300 Marketing and Promotion for the Music Business 3 Info

This course allows students the opportunity to reimagine the classroom by operating as a fully functional music-marketing company. Students will learn through interactive examination, experimentation, and will test the foundational knowledge acquired from previous MUSB courses. Students in this class will formulate, design and facilitate marketing plans while demonstrating skills sets specific to marketing and promoting recorded music and related products. 

MGT 301 Professional Communication 2 Info

This applied skills course is intended for people going into professional, rather than academic, post-graduate work. It applies those skills learned in foundational courses to specific professional situations such as proposal writing, staff briefings, and charting of financial information. Meets the general education writing intensive requirement. 

MUSB 310 Music Business Law 3 Info

This course allows students an opportunity to build a foundational working knowledge of music publishing and music related copyright law. Students will engage in an intensive overview study of existing business environments, standard revenue streams, licensing & contracts, intellectual property rights and laws/restrictions. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding by presenting completed research and analysis on current legislation.

MGT 321 Management of Organizations 3 Info

Develops a systematized body of managerial thought suitable to all business situations through understanding of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling functions.

MUSB 327 Entrepreneurship 3 Info

This course provides an in depth focus on entrepreneurial strategy, marketing, finance, operations management and business plan development. Particular attention is given to the process of innovation in small business organizations and new venture development in entrepreneurial firms. Cross listed with MGT 327.

MKT 333 Sales and Sales Management 2 Info

For advanced students in marketing and management who wish to learn about selling with finesse and integrity and to incorporate principles that they can both practice and transfer to others under their supervision.

MUSB 335 Music and Entertainment Lab II 1-3 Info

This course will give students hands on music business experience as they work alongside M&E Lab III in creating, developing, and facilitating related projects and events. Students in this course will also participate in resume writing workshops, networking experiences, and may submit a proposal for further research in an area of choice. Each student will be assigned as a mentor to a student enrolled in M&E Lab I. Students may earn up to a total of nine Music & Entertainment Lab credits.

MGT 380 Strategic Management 3 Info

Strategic Management explores how companies analyze their strategic environments, identify strategic choices and implement chosen strategies. Analytical tools include employing frameworks to analyze internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats. The course is taught through an online strategic management simulation in which student compete in teams to enable them to evaluate their effectiveness in developing and implementing strategies for the firm.

MUSB 400 Artist and Tour Managment 3 Info

Artist Management is a study of interpersonal, business and contractual relationships between a manager and an artist, and their impact on the performing artist's career. The majority of the course examines the legal and financial aspects of an Artist Management Agreement and the role of a business advisor. In the second half of the semester, students explore the role of a Booking Agent in the artist's career, and analyze a standard Booking Agent Agreement.

MUSB 405 Internship Variable Info

The internship offers practical experience in different areas of the entertainment industry under the supervision of professional firms. Students work at an industry corporation to gain knowledge in their chosen field. Internships may include Recording Studios, Production Companies, Film Studios, Publishing Companies, Management or Booking agencies.

MGT 409 Business: Our Ethical Calling 2 (WI) Info

A capstone course for all business majors, involving independent and group work in selected areas, guest speakers, a research project, and discussion as an essential learning activity. Emphases include business ethics, entrepreneurship as a calling, and development of a career and lifestyle philosophy. Meets the general education writing intensive requirement.

MUSB 435 Music and Entertainment Lab III 1-3 Info

Students in this course will play a major role in developing, planning, and facilitating music business related projects, both on and off campus. Students will have a wide array of options to gain critical experience while building resume credentials. These may include involvement working with live festivals, concert promotion, booking, record production, marketing, artist management, etc. Each student will be assigned as a mentor to a student enrolled in M&E Lab 1. Students may earn up to a total of nine Music & Entertainment Lab credits. 

Career Opportunities

  • Booking Agent
  • Band Manager
  • Record Label Employee
  • Venue Operator
  • Production Manager at Venue