Ministry Major


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The ministry major requires a core of 29 credits and the selection of an emphasis of either pastoral ministries or urban/cross cultural that is an additional nine credits. Both emphases lead to a bachelor of arts degree.


Ministry Major Courses

THEO111 Ministry Seminar (0.5 Credit)
REL 111 Ministry Seminar Half Credit (Offered every semester.)
THEO112 Spiritual Formation and Leadership (1 Credit)
This course is designed primarily for current Resident Chaplains (although it is open to any interested student) and offers practical instruction and experience in areas pertaining to spiritual leadership within the residence halls/houses. Along with an emphasis upon one's own personal spiritual formation, students will develop a spiritual formation plan for their floor/house, and receive on-going instruction in spiritual leadership on campus. (Repeatable with a maximum of two credits.) (Residents Chaplains in this course will not pay for the course if it places the student above the band.). (Offered fall semester).
THEO200 Orientation To Ministry (3 Credits)
REL 200 Orientation to Ministry Three Credits Prepares the student for admission to the Christian ministerial education program. Such topics as: understanding God's call, grace-gifts, the different personalities of churches, church growth, church relationships, spiritual journeying, and Christian worship will be examined. Open to second semester freshmen and to sophomores. Required for admission to practica required in the fields of Christian ministry. (Offered fall semester.)
PSYC212 Developmental Psychology (3 Credits)
PSY 212 Developmental Psychology Three Credits This lifespan development course examines human growth and development from prenatal life through old age. Advances in research illumine the intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and religious development processes in persons across cultures and socio-economic strata. Group presentations as well as written reflections and reading reports assess student mastery of this course. Prerequisite: PSY 101. (Offered spring semester.)
THEO235 Ministry: Discipleship & Evangelism (3 Credits)
REL 235 Ministry of Discipleship and Evangelism Three Credits The course will enable the student to develop a Biblical theology of evangelism and discipleship, to identify the critical issues involved in providing constructive ministries in modern society, to learn effective personal evangelistic and discipleship strategies, and to study the principles and practices of healthy church growth and church planting. (Offered spring semester.)
THEO365 Homiletics (3 Credits)
Analysis of the construction and delivery of sermons. For student and lay ministers. Prerequisite: BIB205 or 215. (Offered fall semester.)
THEO366 Introduction to Worship (3 Credits)
This course introduces students to the language and various elements of Christian worship and provides instruction in the theology and leadership of central liturgical events within the Christian community, including weddings, funerals, and the sacraments of baptism and the eucharist. Prerequisite: BIB205 or 215. (Offered spring semester.)
THEO405 Internship (6 Credits)
REL 405 Internship Variable Credit Taken for two to nine credits. On-the-scene, supervised experience in an agency such as a church, a Christian school, a mission, a Christian camp, or other focus for practical experience related to one's departmental major.
THEO451 Foundations of Christian Doctrine (3 Credits)
REL 451 Foundations of Christian Doctrine Three Credits An historical and philosophical study of the development of Christian theology over the centuries. Prerequisite: Junior Standing, and COR 102, or COR 301. (Offered fall semester.)
THEO452 Methods in Wesleyan Theology (3 Credits)
REL 452 Methods in Wesleyan Theology Three Credits Analysis of methodology in the development of certain historically important systems of Christian theology with a focus upon doing theology in the 21 st century. A consideration of how the student may do theology today. Prerequisite: Senior Status. (Offered spring semester.)
Upper Division Bible - Complete 3 Credits (Credits Required: 3.00)
BIBL320 Wisdom/Poetic Lit of Old Testament (3 Credits)
Intensive analyses of the ideas and literary patterns of the books of Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Job, Song of Solomon, and certain other selections from the inter-testamental literature of the Hebrews. Prerequisite: COR 102 or 301 and BIB205 or 215. (Offered spring semester in odd calender years.)
BIBL321 Pentateuch (3 Credits)
The course focuses on the first five books of the Bible, also known as Torah or Law. As the first major section of the Bible, Torah is foundational to the rest of the Biblical witness. In this course students will ascertain the primary theological emphases of a narrative that begins with creation and ends with the death of Moses. Prerequisite: COR 102 or 301 and BIB205 or 215. (Offered fall semester.)
BIBL322 Prophets (3 Credits)
A critical and exegetical study of the Former (Joshua, Judges, Samuels, and Kings) and the Latter (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the Twelve) Prophets with special consideration given to the social, political, and religious conditions of their times. Attention is given to the ministry and message both for their time and the present age. Prerequisite: COR 102 or 301 and BIB205 or 215.. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)
BIBL352 Pauline Epistles (3 Credits)
Studies in these epistolary form as it appears in the New Testament, focusing particularly on the issues which arise in the Pauline Letters and the broader cultural milieu of the first century church. Prerequisite: COR 102 or 301 and BIB205 or 215.. (Offered spring semester.)
BIBL353 Synoptic Gospels (3 Credits)
Intensive study of the three synoptic Gospels as they interpret the works and words of Jesus Christ. Prerequisite: COR 102 or 301 and BIB205 or 215.. (Offered fall semester.)
BIBL399 Open Titled (3 Credits)
Choose PHIL310 or 330 (Courses Required: 1)
PHIL310 Philosophy Of Religion (3 Credits)
A philosophical approach to and analysis of the basic concepts of religion, together with its implications for theism and Christianity. Meets the general education writing-intensive requirement. Prerequisite: PHL 201 , 250, 251. (Offered fall semester of even calendar years.)
PHIL330 Ethics (3 Credits)
An analysis of personal and social ethics, with particular attention to the problems of Christian ethics in contemporary society. Criteria for ethical judgments will be examined and an attempt made to establish certain theological norms that ought to be met in Christian ethics. Prerequisite: PHL 201 , 250 or 251. (Offered spring semester.)
Choose THEO343 or 344 (Courses Required: 1)
THEO343 Early Christianity (3 Credits)
An historical and theological study of Christian thinking and practice from the first through the sixth centuries focusing on major movements, moments, and people. Primary sources will be foundational to this study. Crosslisted with HIST 343. Prerequisite: THEO 110. (Offered spring semester of odd calendar years.)
THEO344 Western Christianity II (3 Credits)
REL 344 Western Christianity II Three Credits The systematic study of the development of Western Christendom from the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries focusing on major themes, figures, actions, and impulses. The historical method of research will be employed as a means of helping students to gain a contextualized understanding and appreciation for the developing role of the church and its relationship to culture. A major emphasis will be placed on the reading of primary sources as a means for understanding the development of Christian theology. Cross listed with HST 344. Prerequisite: THEO 110. (Offered spring semester of even calendar years.)

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