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Ministry Major


Ministry Major Overview

The twenty-first century has brought with it an increased need for understanding the role of faith and faith traditions in a rapidly-shrinking world. The Ministry Major is a strong pre-seminary program offered for students headed into the ministry, but who are unsure about moving on into seminary or graduate studies immediately upon graduation. The major allows one to select an emphasis in either pastoral ministries or urban/cross-cultural ministries. Students are encouraged to ask the most basic, fundamental, and important questions and are invited to develop a deep contextualized understanding of their faith.

Finding ways of articulating the complexities of religion and carrying on constructive dialogue, while both understanding and embracing one's core beliefs, lies at the heart of a Greenville College education.

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Career Opportunities

  • Pastor
  • Pastoral Counselor
  • International Pastor
  • International Missionary
  • Non-Profit Organization Leader
  • Para-church Minister
  • Worship Leader