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Media Promotions Major



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Below are some of the courses offered for the Media Promotions Major.

Courses Credits  
MGT 101 Introduction to Business 3 Info

A survey of business intended to give the student a general knowledge of the modern business world, provide a basis for choosing a field of specialization, and acquaint him or her with numerous business areas.

CIS 105 Computer Fundamentals 3 Info

Learn basic through advanced computer concepts with an emphasis on both the personal computer and enterprise computing.  Topics include hardware, application and system software, the Internet and world wide web, communications, e-commerce, societal issues, high tech ethics, database management, information systems, career opportunities, and technology trends.

MUSB 125 Survey of Music in the Media Industry 3 Info
No Description Available.
MKT 201 Marketing 3 Info

The present marketing system is described, analyzed, and evaluated through study of consumers, marketing functions, institutions, and commodities. The motivation of mass markets through advertising and personal selling is given special attention.

COM 301 Persuasion/Argumentation 3 Info

The theory and practice of persuasion for the purpose of developing critical thinking and reasoned advocacy. A study of how people persuade the media and how the media persuade people, as well as application to other practical techniques, including debate.

COM 303 Small Group Communication 3 Info

An examination of interpersonal communication as it applies to group discussion. Specific areas of study include effective leadership, participation, dealing with conflict, fostering cohesiveness, and applying a reflective thinking process to problem solving. These goals are accomplished through task force groups, learning/personal growth groups, and social groups.

COM 304 Communication Theory 3 Info

An examination of selected theories in all aspects of communication, and the application of those theories in the analysis and criticism of social and public discourse in today's world. This course is the basis of all communication aspects and it allows students to better understand the entire discipline.

COM 306 Introduction to Public Relations 3 Info

The study of introductory materials to the public relations discipline. The student will discover the historical aspects; define the terms; and become acquainted with the duties, tools, and skills that are necessary to succeed in the field of public relations. Guest speakers, oral presentations, and writing assignments will enhance textbook information. Special events planning will be a highlight of this course.

COM 307 Advanced Interpersonal and Gender Communication 3 (CC) Info

The study of the advanced aspects of interpersonal communication as it occurs in friendships, families, professional relationships, leadership roles, gender differences and sameness, and small groups. The student will explore in a more in-depth manner goals, roles, strategies, messages, conflict, perceptions, and listening as they are applied toward successful verbal and nonverbal communication in males, females, and cultures across borderlands. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

COM 308 Applied Public Relations 3 Info

The analytical application and integration of public relations procedures into the problem solving process. Experience is gained by applying basic techniques while planning, designing, and preparing an actual campaign, including all media preparations needed in the workplace.

MGT 321 Management of Organizations 3 Info

Develops a systematized body of managerial thought suitable to all business situations through understanding of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling functions.

MKT 333 Sales and Sales Management 2 Info

For advanced students in marketing and management who wish to learn about selling with finesse and integrity and to incorporate principles that they can both practice and transfer to others under their supervision.

MKT 334 Advertising 2 Info

Advertising communicates messages to groups of consumers. Students learn how to reach groups efficiently, to design messages to inform persuasively, and to choose the best media for a particular product and consumer. They will design advertising messages for print and broadcast, and learn to design and budget an overall ad campaign.

MP 395/405 Internship 1-3 Info

Possibilities for internship include music business, promotions, and publicity, artist, management, publicist, and media. Required of all media promotions majors.

MP 410 Seminar 2 (WI) Info

Independent reading and discussion assignments for the media promotions majors. Required of all media promotions majors. Special topics may be investigated in areas outside the regular curriculum. Such topics for investigation will be chosen according to the needs and interests of the individual student. A résumé, cover letter, mission statement, and portfolio will be completed, as well as 50 pages of written product. Meets the general education writing intensive requirement. Cross listed with COM 410.

Career Opportunities

  • Music Industry
  • Public Relations
  • Music Festival Director
  • Concert Promoter
  • Marketing
  • Advertising