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History & Political Science Major



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Degree Plans

Sample degree plans provide a glimpse of what your schedule may look like as you complete this program.

Below are some of the courses offered for the History & Political Science Major.

Courses Credits  
HST 101 Western Civilization 3 Info

The development of Western Civilization from the earliest civilizations in the Ancient Near East to the present, analyzing political, social, cultural, economic, and religious ideas and meaningfully applying them to contemporary life.

HST 201 American History 3 Info

People, ideas, and institutions in American history from English colonization to the present.

HST 202 Eastern Civilization 3 (CC) Info

The study of the history and culture of China and Japan from ancient times to the present. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

POL 210 American Government 3 Info

Examines structures, functions, and policies of the national government.

HST 250 Historical Method 3 Info

A course in the techniques of historical research and writing.

HST 305 20th Century American History 3 (WI) Info

This course examines the development of U.S. social, cultural, and political history from World War I to the present.

HST 310 Latin America 3 (CC) Info

Emphasizes the forces that shaped and are now reshaping the region. Examines historical reasons for the present problems that trouble the area. Cross listed with SPN 310. Meets the general education cross cultural requirement.

Available Emphases


To be a Pre-Law major you will need a well-rounded education. In particular, you will need to be able to read with high comprehension, write clearly and cogently, speak persuasively and particularly, and think critically and logically. There is a long list of classes you may take, but there are too many to take them all. Rather you should take those which you believe will strengthen you.

"Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream."  
Amos 5:24

Law schools accept any major, and no major is particularly superior in preparing you for a career in law.  More than anything else, you need a well-rounded education.  In particular, you will need to be able to read with high comprehension, write clearly and cogently, speak persuasively, and particularly, think critically and logically.  Whatever major you choose should be supplemented with such courses as logic, ethics, advanced public speaking, criminal justice, and advanced writing.

You should focus on developing excellent writing skills therefore; take as many writing intensive courses as possible as well as consider courses in research methods and statistics.  Furthermore, a second language will make you more marketable.

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Career Opportunities


  • Politician
  • Political Consultant
  • Congressional Liaison 
  • Mayor
  • Lobbyist