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Sport Management Major



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Below are some of the courses offered for the Sport Management Major.

Courses Credits  
HPR 241 Introduction to Recreation 3 Info

This course explores recreation, its meaning, value, and conduct in a variety of contexts. It is structured to help students develop a formal philosophy of recreation, appreciate the historic and contemporary value of recreation in a variety of societies, and explore the potential of recreation as a vocation.

HPR 261 Leading Activities and Events 3 Info

Instruction and practice are provided to build skill in designing, developing, and leading activities and events.

HPR 341 Designing and Directing Projects 3 Info

In this course, attention is given to the following elements of project design and development: writing mission statements, conducting needs and interest assessments, writing goals and objectives, scoping projects and determining constraints, garnering upper management and community support, working with volunteers, managing projects and reporting results.

HPR 361 Program Management 3 Info

Consideration is given to developing effective leadership styles, decision making and problem solving, handling organizational conflicts, maintaining production and work involvement, and building relationships.

PHED 405 Practicum 6-12 Info
No Description Available.
HPR 410 Seminar in Health 2 (WI) Info

Designed to assist students in locating, interpreting, synthesizing, and presenting research based information. Meets the general education writing intensive requirement.

Available Emphases

Adult Fitness

Students will study physiology of exercise and kinesiology.


A Leadership emphasis in the Recreation Department includes classes in recreation and professional communication.

Sports Management

A Sports Management emphasis will include classes in computer fundamentals and management of organizations.

Career Opportunities

  • Personal Trainer
  • Coach
  • Gym Owner
  • Camp Director
  • Fitness Director