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English Major



The Majors and Minors section of the academic catalog explains graduation requirements. You can also read more about courses in the Undergraduate Course Listings section of the academic catalog.

Degree Plans

Sample degree plans provide a glimpse of what your schedule may look like as you complete this program.

Available Emphases

English Language & Literature Emphasis

Students will gain an understanding of the various critical approaches to literary texts and authors. You will explore and be engaged in the relationship between literature and the Christian faith.

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Journalism & Creative Writing

Journalism and Creative Writing students participate in a sequence of journalism and creative writing courses that will finish with an internship experience in writing. Your internship should give you practical experience in the marketplace and should help you explore careers in writing, editing and the media.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The Teaching English as a Second Language, or TESOL, emphasis will help prepare you to teach English to speakers of other languages abroad and in non-public school settings in the United States. Only Education majors who take these courses will be certified to teach ESL in the public schools of the US.

The emphasis covers important aspects of first and second language acquisition, TESL teaching methods and assessment strategies, historical and modern linguistics, among others. You will also have the opportunity to take a  variety of literature courses focusing on cross-cultural literature. 

"I graduated from Greenville College a B.A. in English along with a Certificate to teach English as a Second Language. Currently, I am living in Omaha, Nebraska with my husband and work at Ralston High School in the ESL Department. It is challenging work, but I enjoy it very much. I love being able to apply what I learned through the English classes at Greenville and help the newcomer students learn English for the first time. There is nothing more exciting than finding a place where I am able to serve others through the gifts God has so richly blessed me with. My only hope is that the students I teach now and in days to come will be transformed as much as I have been through my teachers at Greenville College."  
- Beth Anne Trim '09

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Career Opportunities

  • Editor
  • Publisher
  • Freelance Writer
  • Journalist
  • Copy Editor