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Coaching, M.A.E.
The MAE-Coaching program emphasizes performance, philosophy and leadership. Greenville’s unique program allows you to continue coaching while learning and networking with experienced coaches entirely online.
Curriculum and Instruction, M.A.E.
Provides you with the tools needed to utilize the most effective methods of curriculum and instruction in both the educational and the corporate context.
Driver Education Coursework
Greenville College offers a portion of the coursework needed to apply for the driver education endorsement in the state of Illinois.
ESL Endorsement
Complete the courses to become state qualified to teach English to children of whom English is not their primary language.
A 31 credit-hour online program that combines the ESL endorsement with additional coursework for a comprehensive masters program.
Management, M.S.
Management, M.S. integrates theory with real-life research and application in a unique master's program.
Greenville's Master of Business Administration degree is ideal for students who want to develop business administration skills. The program emphasizes highly relevant, workplace-based situations by requiring students to produce a Capstone Action Research Project.
Middle School Endorsement
Two continuing education classes are offered in a convenient online format for educators seeking a middle school endorsement.
Reading, M.A.E.
A Reading Specialist certification may be awarded upon successful completion of degree requirements, state test, and verification of two years of teaching experience. Attend class one night a week. This certification will allow the holder to become a director of Reading in K-12 Illinois public schools.
Special Education Endorsement
This convenient summer program prepares educators to teach special education by earning the Learning Behavior Specialist (LBS1) endorsement.
Special Education, M.A.E.
Renew and strengthen your understanding of special education. Choose from four capstone course options to complete your master's degree: reflective study, practicum, thesis or comprehensive overview.
Teaching, M.A.
This program is designed to complement a variety of undergraduate degrees. Along with earning a master's, students prepare to receive their Illinois teaching certificate.
Business Administration, B.S.
Description coming soon!
Criminal Justice Administration, B.S.
Criminal Justice Administration is designed for law enforcement professionals who are seeking career advancement through the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in their field.
Health Psychology, B.S.
Health Psychology is an accelerated program designed for working adults interested in pursuing careers in healthcare related fields.
Organizational Leadership, B.S.
Organizational Leadership is an accelerated bachelor's degree program designed for working adults in a variety of career paths.
Undergraduate Teacher Education Partnerships
Greenville partners with community colleges and universities that do not offer 4-year teacher education programs to provide the courses necessary to earn a bachelor's degree and an Illinois teacher certification.

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