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The faculty in the Chemistry Department assumes that through the study of chemistry one can understand another aspect of God’s creation. Consequently, chemistry logically becomes a part of the College’s concept of Christian education.

The department offers curricula designed for those planning to enter graduate study in chemistry, teach chemistry, or work in the chemical industry. It also serves those planning for careers in engineering and the health-related sciences (medical technology, pharmacy, dentistry, or medicine). A recent study of Greenville’s chemistry graduates (1985-2000) revealed that more than 80% have either received or are currently working towards advanced degrees. Thus, a major in chemistry at Greenville College is excellent preparation for many different career choices.

The department’s state of the art instrumentation and opportunities for original student research provide the type of experiences for our majors that make them strong candidates for positions in industry, education, graduate or professional health schools.


Majors & Minors

Chemistry Education Major
The chemistry education major requires 47 hours of chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics combined plus 46 hours of professional studies in education. The chemistry education major leads to a bachelor of science degree.
Chemistry Major
The chemistry major requires a minimum of 30 credits in chemistry plus 22 credits in math and physics. Students with a double major in biology and chemistry may substitute CHM 310 and 315 for CHM 321 and 322 and a mathematics requirement of MTH 113 or 115 or equivalent. It is also recommended that students take CHM 315, 342, 351, 401 and a computer programming course. The chemistry major leads to the bachelor of arts degree.

Engineering Dual Degree Emphasis: Chemistry Major
For nearly 50 years, our Engineering Dual Degree students have seen great success at two of the best engineering schools in the country. Greenville College offers a unique program that allows students to earn a Physics, Chemistry or Biology degree from Greenville College along with an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois or Washington University. Formalized Engineering Dual Degree (3-2) plans have been in place with the University of Illinois for over 45 years and with Washington University for over a decade. Almost every student who has transferred to either of these institutions under the Engineering Dual Degree program has successfully completed their engineering degree. A physics degree from GC is also awarded when the engineering degree is complete. Students attend school for five years, but earn two degrees. The pre-engineering student must complete the same general education credits as required for any science major. A foreign language is required.

Pre-Dietetics and Pre-Pharmacy Emphasis: Chemistry Major
Pre-Dietetics and Pre-Pharmacy require a strong chemistry component to the education. The biology courses should include cell biology, microbiology, and physiology. Courses that aid the student in communication are highly recommended. The dietitian needs several behavioral science courses since much of their role is often motivating people to change their life patterns of eating. Students will need to leave Greenville after a year or two, or plan to pursue that career in a graduate program.

Pre-Medical Technology Emphasis: Chemistry Major
The pre-medical technology training must include courses in biology and microbiology, and 3 years of chemistry. Chemistry courses past the general chemistry should be organic, quantitative analysis, instrumental analysis, and possibly 1 semester of physical chemistry, a college math class and general education requirements for graduation.

Pre-Medicine Emphasis: Chemistry Major
If you are interested in medicine needs and have a heart for ministry, a desire to serve your fellow man in times of great stress, and a desire to give up personal rights for the good of your neighbor than Greenville is the place for you. Approximately 90% of our pre-med graduates are accepted to medical school on their first application. Greenville's program prepares students to excel in continued medical studies.

Pre-Nursing Emphasis: Chemistry Major
The purpose of the pre-nursing curriculum at Greenville College is to prepare you for admission into a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree or co-enrollment in an Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) to graduate with an ADN as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

Pre-Physician Assistant Emphasis: Chemistry Major
The Physician Assistant (PA) is an academically and clinically prepared health practitioner. The PA provides services under the direction and supervision of a doctor of medicine or osteopathy in a variety of medical services and settings.

Engineering Dual Degree
Our Engineering Dual Degree program has seen great success over its nearly 50 years of existence, sending students to excel at two of the top engineering schools in the country. Greenville College offers a unique program that allows students to earn a Physics, Chemistry or Biology degree from Greenville College along with an Engineering degree from the University of Illinois or Washington University.
Forensics Minor
Forensics minor consists of 19-20 credits.

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