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The MAE - Curriculum and Instruction program has flexible scheduling. Students begin with EDUC 532 Foundations of Graduate Studies in Education and complete the program with EDUC 583 Capstone Research Project. All other courses may be taken at the complete convenience of the student. Most students take just one course every eight weeks making the master's degree perfect for busy adults. View the link to all course offerings

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Next start date August 28th, 2017

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Online programs and courses at Greenville University are designed with student engagement at the core. 

Online students are challenged with a variety of learning experiences both independently and cooperatively within the course. The amount of interaction varies by subject, but a well-managed study plan will help the online learner stay focused, on task, and involved. 

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Curriculum and Instruction, MA Online Courses

EDUC532 Graduate Studies in Education (3 Credits)
This course iis designed to assist the graduate student in understanding the impact of pursuing a master's degree and to assist professional educators with the creation and management of the types of learning experiences needed by students in our rapidly changing world. Understanding how to design and implement effective learning experiences requires comprehending how profoundly teachers impact society. Learning to manage a vision for a learning, promote advocacy and nurturing of students of all ages, , collaborating with internal and external partners, and understanding the impact of technological, political, social, and economic factors is critical in today's environment. Overall, acting with integrity and fairness is at the core of developing skills needed by graduate students today.
EDUC543 Managing Learning Technologies (3 Credits)
This course investigates the impact technology has on teaching and learning. Students create a plan to manage, design, and implement technology that supports learning an organization. Research to practice in use of learning technologies will be a significant component of this class experience.
EDUC551 Managing Change in Education (3 Credits)
This course will review the change process and how it effects instruction in the schools. Theories of change management will be explored in conjunction with education and policy administration. A focus on the effectiveness of managing change through coaching will be explored. Prerequisite: EDU 532.
EDUC553 Literacy for Today's Society (3 Credits)
This course will review the theories and current practices of literacy development and explore research based practices in development of literacy (ready, math, technology) at fundamental levels for all students. Topics examined will include theory into practice, literacy learning for culturally and linguistically diverse populations, and literacy development across content areas, strategies for remaining current in literacy development, and literacy assessment. Prerequisite: EDU 532.
EDUC561 Assessment for Learning (3 Credits)
This course will investigate uses of strategic learning activities and strategies that embed assessment for learning throughout a curriculum. Special focus will be given on developing skills in instructional design that includes solid outcome assessment as an integral component of learning. Prerequisite: EDU 532.
EDUC565 Instruct Methods/Program Evaluate (3 Credits)
This course will focus on instructional issues and challenges. The course will provide teachers and curriculum leaders with a process for assessing the origins of an instructional problem and the development and management of an instructional research based plan to address problems that impede student achievement. Prerequisite: EDU532.
EDUC566 Trends and Issues in Education (3 Credits)
This course investigates current issues, research, and theories of educating students and the impact of policies at the state and national levels that effect education today.
EDUC568 Curricular Design (3 Credits)
This course provides the students with an introduction to the general and special education programs which comprise the public school curriculum. Teacher leaders need to understand the concepts, practices and applications of the curriculum in order to effectively teach and lead improvement in the teaching of curricular content. The program faculty recognize that all schools, and their curricula, are unique. The basic principles that govern the design and structure of curriculum are presented in this course to provide the teacher leaders the professional background necessary to make decisions about school curricula. Students enrolled in this course will study instructional design models, mapping of curriculum, and the scope and sequence of curriculum development needed to support the approaches of general and special education for the K-12 setting.
EDUC574 Equity in School and Society (3 Credits)
Focuses on gender, ethnicity, and cross cultural differences from an educational perspective. Examines how different social and psychological characteristics of classroom/school milieus influence individual achievement and personal development
EDUC583 Capstone Project (3 Credits)
The culmination of the Capstone Project requires students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired through the program by leading the design and implementation of an improvement effort in their school district or organization. It requires students to demonstrate an intrinsic understanding of the theme of the School of Education at Greenville College: To prepare teachers to serve in a culturally diverse world. Prerequisite: EDUC 580.

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