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About Us - General Institutional Information

  • The Privacy of Student Records (pdf) document shares information on students' rights regarding the privacy of their student records deriving from FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) and procedures for correcting and controlling the publication of student record information.
  • The Facilities and Services for Students with Disabilities page shares information on the services and accessibility provided by Greenville College for students with disabilities.
  • The Student Diversity document presents data on ethnic (pdf) and gender (pdf) diversity.
  • The Price of Attendance page shares information regarding the cost of attendance including tuition and other expenses. The actual cost of attendance can be significantly affected by financial aid. The Net Price Calculator allows individual students to estimate the financial aid they may be eligible to receive and the actual cost of attendance. Additional information regarding financial aid is available here.
  • Refund policies and requirements for withdrawal and return of federal financial aid vary by academic program and are detailed in the Greenville College catalog and on the financial aid webpages. The following links will take you to these resources.
  • Student Handbook (pdf)
  • Greenville College Undergraduate Catalog (pdf)
  • Greenville College Graduate Catalog (pdf)
  • Business Office
  • Financial Aid
  • Return to Title IV Funds